The Democracy and Inclusivity Academy.

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Empowering Educators to Foster Democracy and Inclusivity

The Democracy and Inclusivity Academy is a group of schools working together. They want to help teachers have what they need to teach about being fair and including everyone in their classes. They think that schooling is really important for making democracy strong.

They believe that every kid should have the chance to learn, join in, and help make the world fair for everyone.

Achievements & Impact

Making a good resource library

We offer lesson plans, professional development opportunities, and toolkits that are aligned with national and state standards, making it easy for educators to integrate democratic and inclusive practices into their classrooms.

Build a teacher community

Our online forum and social media presence connect educators from all over the country, allowing them to share best practices, learn from each other, and feel supported in their efforts.

Democracy in education

We collaborate with policymakers and education leaders to promote policies that create a more inclusive and engaging learning environment for all students.

Our Vision

We want all classrooms to be friendly places where everyone feels welcome. We think it's important for teachers to have the right stuff to help kids think hard, talk nicely, and be good citizens. That way, we can help make the world a better and fairer place.

We offer a range of elective modules designed to equip educators with the tools and resources to foster critical thinking, active citizenship, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Social Justice Education

In this lesson, we'll learn about important things like treating everyone fairly and kindly. We'll talk about stuff like different skin colors, boys and girls, and making things fair for everyone. We want to help teachers talk about these things nicely with students so that everyone feels included and can help make things better.

Digital Data and Critical Thinking

This module pushes teachers to use project-based learning to teach democratic values in the classroom. People who take part will learn how to make project-based activities that get kids to learn by doing, work together, and solve problems, and that also teach democratic values like civic duty, compromise, and respecting different points of view.

LGA and Community Engagement

we'll learn about how our local area works and how we can help make it better. We'll talk about the people who are in charge and how we can join in and do things to help out. We want to help teachers show kids that they can be a part of making our community a great place to live.

Democratic Project-Based Learning

we'll learn about using the internet and understanding what's true and not true. We want to help teachers teach kids how to tell if something online is real or fake and how to think carefully about what they see on the internet.

Our Team

Dr. Sarah Jones

An experienced educator with a passion for democratic education, Dr. Jones leads the Academy's strategic vision and development.

Mr. David Lee

A curriculum expert with a deep understanding of national standards, Mr. Lee oversees the creation and curation of high-quality resources.

Dr. Michael Chen

A researcher specializing in civic education, Dr. Chen leads our efforts to inform policy and advocate for inclusive democratic practices.

Our Partners & Resources

The Democracy and Inclusivity Academy thrives thanks to a strong network of partners, each bringing unique expertise to empower educators and cultivate inclusive citizens.

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Their expertise in outreach ensures our resources find their way into the hands of those who can benefit most.

High Impact Universities are research institutions that contribute important research and scholarship to improve our resources.These are the prestigious consortium of research universities serves as our academic powerhouse.

As the largest professional organization of educators in the U.S., the NEA connects us with a vast network of educators nationwide. Through their established channels, we can share our resources and connect with educators on a national scale.

A leading innovator in civic education resources, iCivics brings expertise in developing engaging and interactive learning experiences. Together, we strive to create dynamic and student-centered learning opportunities that spark curiosity and ignite a passion for active citizenship.